Couples Counseling

I believe life is easier, more fulfilling, and more fun when you have a good partner, and you are a good partner. When you can trust another person like you trust yourself, so much more is possible. You don’t have to make every meal. You have help paying the mortgage. You get to share 3:00 am baby feedings with someone. What’s more, when you are in a good relationship, you get to be seen. You get to be cherished. You get to be yourself and loved for it.

Healthy relationships make life better for you and those around you. Life is easier for your kids, your friends, your coworkers and your communities when your relationship is thriving. So how do you get to that place? Working on communication, vulnerability and intimacy makes your relationship flourish.

I am a couple therapist because I know that counseling actually helps people improve the quality of their relationships. Once partners talk to one another about difficulties, they heal. Once things are out in the open, they get resolved. And once things are resolved, the magic of relationship happens all on its own.

It is very likely you already have a good partner. Clearing up your conflicts is the first step to enjoying your life together.

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