This is Where Growth Begins

I had a yoga teacher who once told me, “When in a pose you feel your muscles begin to shake, that’s the place the yoga starts.” Her explanation was that “yoga” means “the union of breath and movement,” and only when the movement becomes difficult enough, will you need to rely on breath to get you through. Like childbirth, I...[ read more ]

How to Listen Like a Relationship Pro

They say that active listening is the key to great relationships, but what can that possibly mean? Certainly paying attention to your partner when they speak is important, but is that really the key to a great partnership? Yes and no. Relationships have tons of moving parts, but at the core most people want the same thing: to be loved...[ read more ]

Why You Should Consider Screen-Free Quality Time

A lot of free time these days is spent online, watching TV or playing video games. In fact, the amount of time we spend engaging with screens is increasing every year. You want to hangout with your loved ones, and you want to watch your favorite shows. Why not do them together? The most basic answer is that you’re not...[ read more ]

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